ROBERT E SHAPLEY, University of Pennsylvania


The purpose of my research was to conduct a case study of the Student Activity Program at West Falls High School for the year 1981-82. Although approximately 25 percent of the high school budget was spent on the activity program, this program was never studied or evaluated at West Falls High School. My research attempted to determine how the student body at West Falls High School was being served by the activity program.^ With the implementation of decentralized budgeting, the high school building principal may spend whatever amounts he desires on the activity program. This study was designed to determine if this money served the students adequately. There is relatively little information available about the success or failure of student activity programs in our schools, yet significant amounts of money are spent each year to maintain these activity programs.^ The methodology used for the study was that of a participant observer. Data collected during the year-long study included interest surveys, interviews, check lists, budget data, and a study of past programs at West Falls High School.^ The Study: (A) Describes the history of the Activity Program now (1981-82) and what it was ten years ago; (B) Focuses on how students, teachers, and administrators perceived the Activity Program; (C) Offers suggestions that may help maintain current programs; (D) Contains suggestions for better allocating funds spent on student programs; (E) Contains comments from interviewees that shed light on what really happens at West Falls High School.^ A review of the recorded events seems to indicate that: (1) West Falls has an activity program that adequately serves its student body. (2) West Falls Vo-Tech students do not participate at all in the student programs. (3) Minority involvement in activity programs is fair for Blacks but virtually nonexistent for Hispanics. (4) Because of increasing age of the staff there will soon be a lack of sponsors for the programs. (5) West Falls has a program that is more oriented to athletics than academics. (6) The Activity Program needs serious study because of the financial implications found in the study. ^

Subject Area

Education, Administration

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ROBERT E SHAPLEY, "WEST FALLS HIGH SCHOOL MODEL FOR CHANGE: STUDENT ACTIVITIES (PENNSYLVANIA)" (January 1, 1983). Dissertations available from ProQuest. Paper AAI8318175.