One man band: The process and product of video journalism

Mary Angela Bock, University of Pennsylvania


This dissertation examines the practice and product of video journalism. Video journalism is the practice of video news production whereby one person works alone to shoot, write and edit news stories, using digital technology, to be disseminated via broadcasting or broadband interne. The impetus for video journalism's development is both economic and technological. The project describes where and how video journalism practices affect the news gathering processes and its resulting stories within three contexts of production: conventional television news, newspapers and non-professional citizen collectives. ^ Data was collected from field observations in the United States and England at television stations, a radio network, newspapers and a community-based media workshop. The author also observed journalists on location at several news events in the United States and England. Additionally, the data set includes long-form interviews with 80 photo and video journalists, newsroom managers, public relations intermediaries, citizen journalists and reporters; archival texts and examples of filmic news. Several VJ stories are included in the corpus for analysis of their narrative structure. ^ The findings are organized according to three domains of news work: at news events, within news organizations and in the source journalist relationship. In the newsgathering domain, the project found a strong, positive relationship between the demands of an exhibiting format and the degree to which a VJ pre-conceptualizes a story. The project found differences in the way video journalism's processes are adopted according to the medium on which an organization bases its activities. In the domain that describes the relationship between VJs and image managers, the project identified contexts in which the process of video journalism can change the nature of their interaction. Finally, the project also addressed the question of whether video journalism presents new forms of narrative structure and strategies for establishing authority by comparing a strategic sample of stories the project identified several strands of change that vary according to the contexts of their production. Newspaper video journalists are developing a distinct narrative style. Citizen journalists, with the fewest exhibition constraints, are creating the most varied styles of filmic narrative. ^

Subject Area

Journalism|Multimedia Communications|Mass Communications

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Bock, Mary Angela, "One man band: The process and product of video journalism" (2009). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI3395681.