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Submissions from 2015

Matron, Meretrix, Madonna: An archaeology and urban history of the Subura Valley and Cispian Hill in Rome from the Republic through the early Middle Ages (2015) Margaret M Andrews

Essays on finance of innovation, firm dynamics and economic growth (2015) Sina T Ates

Essays on knowledge diffusion, innovation, and growth (2015) Salome Baslandze

Essays in dynamic duration and count modelling (2015) Lorenzo Braccini

Perceptions of education change in post-conflict environments and fragile states: The case of Timor-Leste (2015) Martin John Canter

Cancer absolute risk projection with incomplete predictor variables (2015) Lu Chen

Dynamic and mechanistic studies of processes during bacterial ribosomal recycling (2015) Yuanwei Chen

The practice doctorate: Implications for nursing education (2015) Christina Marie Costanzo Clark

Health information exchange, interoperability, and network effects (2015) Sunita Desai

Form and function: x-ray scattering and spectroscopy of transition metal-based nanoparticles (2015) Vicky Vi Thuy Doan-Nguyen

Essays in corporate and household finance (2015) Christine Louise Dobridge

Nuclear connectivity in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and its role in mechanotransduction (2015) Tristan P Driscoll

Women's literacy practices in late medieval China (600-1000) (2015) Rebecca Shuang Fu

A challenge to excel: Creating a new image for elite women's colleges in the 1970s (2015) Vicki L Hewitt

A cross-case analysis of college enrollment strategies in two New York City public schools serving low-income students (2015) Aviva Hirschfeld Legatt

Public sector mission, private sector mandates: An exploration of educational service agencies as entrepreneurial entities (2015) Mark M Hoffman

A new reading of Kant's theory of punishment (2015) Robert Hoffman

Experiences, perceptions, and belief: A mixed method study of enactment of instructional leadership in a K-12 cyber charter school (2015) Kahlila S Johnson-Lee

Never been: An exploration of the influence of dis/ability, giftedness, and incarceration on adolescents in adult correctional facilities (2015) Kelsey Marie Jones

An urban-conscious rapid wind downscaling model for early design stages (2015) Jihun Kim

Student coalitions: Sites of development for student engagement and empowerment (2015) Hikaru Kozuma

Hospital nursing linked to readmissions following total hip and knee arthroplasty (2015) Karen B Lasater

Essays on equilibrium labor market sorting (2015) Tzuo Hann Law

The role of the integrated stress response kinase GCN2 in cell cycle regulation and tumorigenesis (2015) Stacey L Lehman

The impact of the teach for America experience on emerging leaders (2015) Tanya Maloney


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