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Submissions from 2016

The Adjudicatory State: Sovereignty, property, and law in the U.S. territories, 1783-1802 (2016) Gregory Ablavsky

A postmortem computational atlas of the human hippocampus (2016) Daniel Henrik Adler

Engineering phonon, photon, electron and plasmon interactions in silicon-metal nanocavitiies for silicon photonics and thermoplasmonics (2016) Daksh Agarwal

Semaphorin 3D signaling in cardiovascular development (2016) Haig Aghajanian

Cycles and stability in linguistic signaling (2016) Christopher Andrew Ahern

Colonial assemblages: Objects, territories, and racialized subjects in pre-independence Latin America (1492--1810) (2016) Raquel Albarran

Communicating history: The mnemonic battles of the 2011 Arab uprisings (2016) Omar Al-Ghazzi

Usage of the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) at St. Andrew's school as a predictor of academic success (2016) Eduardo A Alleyne

Molecular and cellular approaches toward understanding dynein-driven motility (2016) Swathi Ayloo

The detrimental effects of external objectives in consumer behavior (2016) Alixandra Barasch

The progress of medical labor: Gender shifts, generational differences, and the coverage continuum in obstetrics and gynecology (2016) Claire B Barshied

African American student perception of persistence in engineering at a predominantly white institution (2016) Sean T Bennett

II-VI semiconductor nano-structures for on-chip integrated photonics (2016) Jacob Stern Berger

Targeted epigenetic editing to increase adult pancreatic beta-cell proliferation (2016) Diana L Bernstein

Interactions of the murine coronavirus mouse hepatitis virus with the type I interferon response (2016) Lester Dillon Birdwell

Characterization of the physical and chemical controls on the environmental geochemical behavior of beryllium (2016) Vanessa Lynne Boschi

Geographies of exile and the making of French nationhood in the nineteenth century (2016) Lisa R Bromberg

The courage trial: A phase II randomized clinical trial to evaluate the dose-response effects of exercise on prognostic biomarkers among colon cancer survivors (2016) Justin C Brown

Increased expression of frontotemporal dementia risk factor TMEM106B alters lysosomal and autophagosomal pathways (2016) Johanna I Busch

Essays in macroeconomics, finance and growth (2016) Gustavo Jose Camilo Vincent

An olfactory cilia pattern in the mammalian nose ensures high sensitivity to odors (2016) Rosemary C Challis

The design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of dimeric beta-carbolines based on the structure of neokauluamine and the study of manzamine A dimerization toward neokauluamine (2016) Jaruwan Chatwichien

The impact of tiny organisms: Microbial communities and disease states (2016) Christel Sjoland Chehoud

Stress physiology and behavior problems (2016) Ruiyun Frances Chen

Microbiome and metagenomics: Statistical methods, computation and applications (2016) Zhang Chen


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