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Submissions from 2014

Understanding virginity from the perspectives of Arab-American women: A phenomenological approach (2014) Sarah Abboud

PKC isozymes in lung cancer development and therapy resistance (2014) Mahlet B Abera

Making scenes: Transnational politics in performance, 1890-1939 (2014) Katherine Aid

Essays on health insurance market design and labor market interactions (2014) Naoki Aizawa

Practices of the global self: Idealism, Transcendentalism, and Buddhist Modernism in the era of colonization (2014) Avram Alpert

Will talent attraction and retention improve metropolitan labor markets? The labor market impact of increased educational attainment in U.S. metropolitan regions 1990-2010 (2014) Stuart T Andreason

Theoretical and Observational Viability of Modified Gravity (2014) Melinda M Andrews

Essays on technology, productivity and misallocation (2014) Tanida Arayavechkit

Role of cytoskeletal remodeling in T cell receptor signaling and integrin activation at the immunological synapse (2014) Alexander Babich

Applications of hyperpolarized xenon-129 NMR and chemical exchange saturation transfer in biosensing (2014) Yubin Bai

Inducible protein dimerization: New tools and applications to understanding the mitotic checkpoint (2014) Edward Raymond Ballister

Mobile Americans: Geographic mobility and modernity in U.S. visual culture, 1860-1915 (2014) Lacey Baradel

Essays in primary care operations (2014) Hessam Bavafa

Controlling defects in nematic and smectic liquid crystals through boundary geometry (2014) Daniel A Beller

Moralized consumer choice (2014) Jonathan Z Berman

Novel insights in the allosteric activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (2014) Nicholas J Bessman

"The line in my heart": How international students in a U.S. independent school conceptualize and experience their social identities (2014) Melinda L Bihn

Engineered materials to measure and regulate cell mechanotransduction (2014) Brandon Lou Blakely

Essays on nonlinear macroeconomic dynamics (2014) Luigi Bocola

Adolescent and adult perceptions of adolescent diet, physical activity, body size, and obesity prevention in Botswana (2014) Corbett D Brown

Chromatin compaction and genome reorganization during spermatogenesis in M. musculus and sporulation in S. cerevisiae (2014) Jessica M Bryant

Exploring how late-adolescent males perceive spirituality and how the perceptions relate to emotional intelligence (2014) Kai Bynum

Shape representations using nested descriptors (2014) Jeffrey Byrne

A comparative evaluation of state policies and programs for nonpoint source pollution control in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (2014) Seung Ah Byun

High fat diet affects the dopamine reward system: Importance of sex and critical developmental periods (2014) Jesse Lea Carlin


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