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Submissions from 2013

Distributed leadership and relational trust: Bridging two frameworks to identify effective leadership behaviors and practices (2013) Mustafa Abdul-Jabbar

Change and impact of microRNA modification with age in Drosophila melanogaster (2013) Masashi Abe

Genomic imprinting: Establishment, maintenance and stability of dna methylation imprints (2013) Lara K Abramowitz

Abnormal smooth muscle contraction alters gut motility and propagates epithelial invasion in the larval zebrafish intestine (2013) Joshua M Abrams

Role of notch signaling in breast cancer progression (2013) Daniel L Abravanel

The 2-core of a random inhomogeneous hypergraph (2013) Omar Abuzzahab

Modeling the anisotropic resolution and noise properties of digital breast tomosynthesis (2013) Raymond Joseph Acciavatti

Approaches to mitigate metal catalyst deactivation in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) fuel electrodes (2013) Lawrence Adijanto

Shattering fragility: Illness, suicide, and refusal in fin-de-siecle Viennese literature (2013) Melanie Jessica Adley

The multifunctional protein daxx: studies of its biology and regulation, and discovery of a novel function (2013) Trisha Agrawal

Analyzing massive graphs in the semi-streaming model (2013) Kook Jin Ahn

Understanding the impact of academic support programs on first-time bar passage for students at the University of Idaho College of Law (2013) Helen Albertson

A behavioral model of non-linear peer effects in cognitive achievement (2013) Pilar Alcalde

Where is here? An analysis of localism in media policy in three Western democracies (2013) Christopher Ali

A family-based sexual health communication intervention with sex worker mothers in Kolkata, India (2013) Samira Ali

Latecomers in the New Latino Diaspora (2013) Elaine C Allard

Part I: The confluence of steric and electronic effects in N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed processes. Part II: Studies toward the asymmetric oxidative coupling of phenols (2013) Scott Edward Allen

Beyond redemption: Postwar America and the question of Palestine (2013) Asma Al-Naser

Total synthesis of (--)-irciniastatin B; Design and synthesis of analogues (2013) Chihui An

The missing discourse of gender: A qualitative study of a teacher inquiry group in a public girls' school (2013) Shannon H Andrus

The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope for Polarimetry (BLAST-Pol) (2013) Francesco Elio Angile

Influences on children's human capital in rural Malawi: Three essays (2013) Shirley Afua Appiah-Yeboah

Nickel catalyzed cross-coupling of unactivated alkyl halides and synthesis and reactions of alpha-trifluoromethyl organoborons (2013) Oana Andreea Argintaru

Evaluating the impact of action plans on trainee compliance with learning objectives (2013) Michael J Aumann

A case study: Family support in a two-generation program (2013) Leah Mary Saroja Austin


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