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Submissions from 2016

The Adjudicatory State: Sovereignty, property, and law in the U.S. territories, 1783-1802 (2016) Gregory Ablavsky

Teaching well-being increases academic performance: Evidence from Bhutan, Mexico, and Peru (2016) Alejandro Adler

A postmortem computational atlas of the human hippocampus (2016) Daniel Henrik Adler

Engineering phonon, photon, electron and plasmon interactions in silicon-metal nanocavitiies for silicon photonics and thermoplasmonics (2016) Daksh Agarwal

Human mutation/substitution rate: Variability, modeling and applications (2016) Varun Aggarwala

Semaphorin 3D signaling in cardiovascular development (2016) Haig Aghajanian

Cycles and stability in linguistic signaling (2016) Christopher Andrew Ahern

Coming full circle: Epithelial plasticity and the natural history of metastasis (2016) Nicole Marie Aiello

Mahogany adolescent literacy identities: Nurturing relationships with literacy as if our lives depended on it (2016) LaTwila T Ainsworth

The care of foreigners: a history of South Asian physicians in the United States, 1965-2016 (2016) Eram Alam

Colonial assemblages: Objects, territories, and racialized subjects in pre-independence Latin America (1492--1810) (2016) Raquel Albarran

Communicating history: The mnemonic battles of the 2011 Arab uprisings (2016) Omar Al-Ghazzi

Modulation of antitumor immunity by the MEK inhibitor trametinib: Implications for targeted therapy of cancer (2016) Michael J Allegrezza

Usage of the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) at St. Andrew's school as a predictor of academic success (2016) Eduardo A Alleyne

Connecting theory, training and practice: Building teachers' capacity within an elementary literacy intervention (2016) Helen M Anderson

Clustering-based robot navigation and control (2016) Omur Arslan

The Sufi as the Axis of the world: Representations of religious authority in the works of Ismail Hakki Bursevi (1653-1725) (2016) Kameliya Atanasova

Molecular and cellular approaches toward understanding dynein-driven motility (2016) Swathi Ayloo

Uncertain boundaries dispositive techniques in Prevost's novels (2016) Benjamin Hillel Baker

Death on the move: Burial, repatriation, and the politics of belonging among Muslims in Germany (2016) Osman Balkan

The detrimental effects of external objectives in consumer behavior (2016) Alixandra Barasch

SIV infected chimpanzees: Consequences of long-term infection and potential intervention strategies (2016) Hannah J Barbian

The progress of medical labor: Gender shifts, generational differences, and the coverage continuum in obstetrics and gynecology (2016) Claire B Barshied

Statuary collections in the late Roman villas of Hispania and southwestern Gaul (2016) Sarah E Beckmann

Ignorability conditions for incomplete data and the first-order Markov conditional linear expectation approach for analysis of longitudinal discrete data with over-dispersion (2016) Shaun Bender


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