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Submissions from 2017

Tissue-Specific Limitations of Siv-Specific CD8+ T Cells during Acute SIV-Infection in Rhesus Macaques (2017) Emily R Roberts

Submissions from 2016

The Adjudicatory State: Sovereignty, property, and law in the U.S. territories, 1783-1802 (2016) Gregory Ablavsky

Teaching well-being increases academic performance: Evidence from Bhutan, Mexico, and Peru (2016) Alejandro Adler

A postmortem computational atlas of the human hippocampus (2016) Daniel Henrik Adler

Engineering phonon, photon, electron and plasmon interactions in silicon-metal nanocavitiies for silicon photonics and thermoplasmonics (2016) Daksh Agarwal

Human mutation/substitution rate: Variability, modeling and applications (2016) Varun Aggarwala

Semaphorin 3D signaling in cardiovascular development (2016) Haig Aghajanian

Cycles and stability in linguistic signaling (2016) Christopher Andrew Ahern

Becoming a STEM teacher: A study of interest in education careers among first-year STEM majors (2016) Seher Ahmad

Coming full circle: Epithelial plasticity and the natural history of metastasis (2016) Nicole Marie Aiello

Mahogany adolescent literacy identities: Nurturing relationships with literacy as if our lives depended on it (2016) LaTwila T Ainsworth

The care of foreigners: a history of South Asian physicians in the United States, 1965-2016 (2016) Eram Alam

Colonial assemblages: Objects, territories, and racialized subjects in pre-independence Latin America (1492--1810) (2016) Raquel Albarran

Communicating history: The mnemonic battles of the 2011 Arab uprisings (2016) Omar Al-Ghazzi

Modulation of antitumor immunity by the MEK inhibitor trametinib: Implications for targeted therapy of cancer (2016) Michael J Allegrezza

Usage of the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) at St. Andrew's school as a predictor of academic success (2016) Eduardo A Alleyne

Semantic localization and mapping in robot vision (2016) Roy C Anati

Connecting theory, training and practice: Building teachers' capacity within an elementary literacy intervention (2016) Helen M Anderson

Clustering-based robot navigation and control (2016) Omur Arslan

The Sufi as the Axis of the world: Representations of religious authority in the works of Ismail Hakki Bursevi (1653-1725) (2016) Kameliya Atanasova

Molecular and cellular approaches toward understanding dynein-driven motility (2016) Swathi Ayloo

Mechanisms of extracellular oncogenic dysregulation and antibody targeting of the epidermal growth factor receptor (2016) Atrish Bagchi

Uncertain boundaries dispositive techniques in Prevost's novels (2016) Benjamin Hillel Baker

Death on the move: Burial, repatriation, and the politics of belonging among Muslims in Germany (2016) Osman Balkan

The detrimental effects of external objectives in consumer behavior (2016) Alixandra Barasch


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