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Submissions from 2017

Second Grade Teachers' Participation with a New Mathematics Text (2017) Nancy Adams

Structural and Functional Analysis of Engineered Cardiac Tissues in Response to Hypertrophic Growth Factors (2017) Rosa Maria Alvarez Lopez

Preparing Successful Teachers of Mathematics (2017) Joy Davis Anderson

(Non)Native Speakering: The (Dis)Invention of (Non)Native Speakered Subjectivities in a Graduate Teacher Education Program (2017) Geeta A Aneja

Impact of Host Factors on the Adaptive Immune Response to AAV Gene Therapy (2017) Scott N Ashley

Essays in the Economics of Human Capital (2017) Rodrigo Azuero Melo

Drivers and Consequences of Non-Market Decision-Making: Evidence from Global Corporate Disaster Giving (2017) Luis Ballesteros

The Production of Physicians for Low-Income Communities in Panama: A Case Study (2017) Jose Barrios Ng

The Human Heterochromatin Landscape: Genomic Subtypes, Bound Proteins, and Contributions to Cell Identity (2017) Justin S Becker

An Examination of Medical Technology Disadoption and its Relation to Technology Adoption and Physician Organization (2017) Henry Bergquist

Proteolytic Activation by ADAMTS3 Defines Distinct Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis Mediated By VEGFC And VEGFD (2017) Hung Manh Bui

Mending a Broken Chain: Continuous History and Literary Form in England and Wales, 1125-1450 (2017) Jacqueline M Burek

The Impact of School Library Design on the Development of Multiple Literacy Skills in Early Childhood Students (2017) Anna Carello

A Hidden Curriculum of Control: The Inequities of Urban Schooling (2017) Nicole Mittenfelner Carl

Technology for Improving Early Reading in Multi-Lingual Settings: Evidence from Rural South Africa (2017) Nathan M Castillo

The Architects and Architecture of Knowledge: The Formation and Circulation of Social Identities in Higher Education Research (2017) Andres Castro Samayoa

Design and Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticle Contrast Agents for Atherosclerosis Imaging with Computed tomography (2017) Peter Chhour

The Effect of Market Expansions on Provider Behavior in Dentistry (2017) Shulamite S Chiu

Development of Pitch Contrast and Seoul Korean Intonation Copyright (2017) Sunghye Cho

Understanding Antisocial Behavior through Autonomic Arousal, Nutrition, and Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (2017) Olivia Choy

Pre-Clinical Development of AAV Mediated Gene Therapy for Familial Lecithin Cholesterol Acyltransferase Deficiency (2017) Devin Mae Christopher

The Software Vulnerability Ecosystem: Software Development in the Context of Adversarial Behavior (2017) Saender A Clark

Mission Critical Teams: Towards the Creation of a University Assisted, Mission Critical Team Instructor Cadre Development Program (2017) Preston B Cline

Recalling Democracy: Electoral Politics, Minority Representation, and Dalit Assertion in Modern India (2017) Michael A Collins

The Immunological Contributions to Heterotopic Ossification Disorders - Insights from Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (2017) Michael Richard Convente


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